Those were the days

Although they may look old fashioned to our eyes, these photos show that the standard of living onboard Iduna was high. For most of the next five decades, she was a treasured boat loved by a series of multinational owners.

In 1949, Iduna was sold to a Portuguese nobleman. His two-decade stewardship included changing her from a gaff ketch to a Bermudian ketch during a refit in 1960 at De Vries.

In 1970, the boat was sold to a consortium of owners in England. The following owners were an Italian family (1975), the Roche family from Switzerland (1977) and a commissioner from the Sûreté National (1983). In 1987 Iduna was bought by an Englishmen who renamed her Highland Prince (after his whisky company). Only when Iduna was brought by another owner to Antibes in 1995 did she begin her slide into disrepair. Just as it looked as if she was destined for the scrap yard, a man from Holland came to the rescue.

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