Iduna rediscovered

Anchored in an Antibes marina, Iduna would have fallen apart if it had not been for the valiant efforts of the couple living onboard. Giuseppe and Elisabetta Longo had been hired to keep the boat seaworthy but went much further in their - often self-financed - attempts to preserve Iduna's integrity.

In the summer of 1999, an adventurous Dutchman with a love of history agreed to buy and take on the restoration of this piece of nautical history. Johan J.M. van den Bruele had only owned motoryachts previously and agreed to purchase Iduna so long as the Longo's would lead the restoration project. Thus began a partnership that would not only lead to the rebuild of Iduna but also the world's largest gaff cutter Lulworth.

Opening the purpose-built Classic Yacht Darsena yard in Viareggio, dedicated craftsmen from the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, Poland and elsewhere joined the team in Italy to start Iduna's restoration. It would require far more effort, time and money than anyone had foreseen.

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