Yachting writer and journalist Andrew Rogers gives a unique insight into the history and restoration of Iduna. Reading as smoothly as a novel, The restoration of the classic Dutch yacht Iduna is the kind of lavishly illustrated hardback you'll love to keep on your coffee table. Meticulously researched, it gives a clear insight into past construction methods and the astonishing efforts that went into Iduna's rebuild.

The use of traditional techniques, the preservation and re-use of everything that could be saved, the reconstruction of any recreated components using original plans and materials, and other methods used by the crew are all described in great detail.

There's much for history buffs to enjoy too, including rare material from the Feadship archives. Original documents such as extracts from Iduna's 1946 logbook are also used, while a wealth of photographs covers the construction of the original Iduna to the regatta exploits of the rebuilt yacht. The restoration of the classic Dutch yacht Iduna provides sufficient detail about the actual work carried out to please aficionados of yacht technology and the mechanics of sailboat design and construction. The story is also a great read for anyone with a love for yachting, focusing on the vision and efforts of a dedicated team of craftsmen and women as they strive and succeed in restoring Iduna to her former splendour.

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