From refit to rebuild

Iduna was sailed from France to the Italian port of Viareggio in September 1999. The skeleton crew onboard only found out later how close they came to disaster. During her 24-hour voyage, the boat had been sailing on a hull virtually no thicker than a film of paint such was the damage below the leaking portholes.

This was one of many setbacks that confronted the newly formed team as it became clear that Iduna required much more than a refit... She needed a complete rebuild. The initial expectation had been that the project would involve new decks, an upgraded interior and a fresh paint job. However, features such as the teak decks were found to be beyond repair and half the plating for the steel hull needed replacing.

The owner was later asked if he realised how much work was going to be involved. "Certainly not," he replied. "I thought we were talking about new decks, an upgraded interior and a fresh paint job but there was much more to do than that. In essence, we went from a refit to rebuilding the entire boat. This wasn't a sudden decision: As the boat was being dismantled, there was a time when I considered simply selling off what could be sold and scraping the rest. But the team was so motivated I didn't have the heart to pull the plug."

And thus began one of the most dedicated great yacht rebuilds of our time.

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