Traditional methods

Once Johan van den Bruele decided to do something, he always does it well. After realising how much extra work was involved, he set four key conditions for going ahead with Iduna:

Everything that was original should be preserved if possible, regardless of expense. Any restoration required was to use traditional methods. Original features to benefit from this approach include the main mast, skylights, deck saloon, compass, anchor winch and steering wheel. All were refitted using traditional methods.

Where new sections or parts were required, these too were to be recreated and refitted using traditional materials and methods. Her new teak deck was therefore laid in the time-honoured fashion, albeit with rust-free steel underneath. The cherry wood interior has an amazingly historic feel, despite being entirely new.

Quality in all things, with all new machinery being of the highest calibre. The finest equipment has been installed in the technical spaces and galley alike.

Modern conveniences to ensure comfort, while never being obtrusive on the classic atmosphere. You can easily plug in a laptop on Iduna… If you know where to find the plug!

The De Vries yard provided the original plans and specifications, plus a wealth of photographs that helped ensure Iduna's refit was as authentic as possible. And experts from around the world were called in to meet the exacting brief...

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