The re-launch

On 5 September 2002, some 12,864 days after her initial launch in July 1939, Iduna once again entered the water in immaculate condition. The launch in Viareggio was the talk of the town as the magnificent yacht had been towed through the narrow streets from the Classic Yacht Darsena yard to another facility with access to the port. Many of Viareggio's fine craftsmen had been involved in some way in the rebuild, again demonstrating what a great place this Italian port is for yacht building./p>

Over the next couple of days the mast and rigging were reunited with the yacht and Iduna set on her maiden voyage. A TV crew filmed her departure, giving Iduna primetime exposure in Italy and beyond. The trip to Corsica took 24 hours and was a great success.

Since then, Iduna has cruised many thousands of miles both with her owner onboard and - for several weeks each summer - various delighted charter guests. She remains in fantastic condition thanks to a complete overhaul each winter and the fastidious - some might say obsessive - attention to detail by her managers and crew.

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